Intangible Tango

by Richard M. Johnson

She was not beautiful in a classic sense, but she walked into the reception area of the audition with the air of someone who did not have time for anyone she thought might be below her station. Eventually we were the only two left in the lobby, and I struck up a tentative conversation with her, asking how long she’d been dancing and what styles she specialized in. Her reply was simply "Tango." Duly impressed, I blathered on endlessly about how the receptionist was sick, and that I was only filling in for her, and how I thought Tango was amazing and that I was envious of anyone who knew how to move with such intricacy and grace. She stood, looking incredibly sensuous and serious, as she told me that anyone could learn the basics, and then held out her hand toward me. I knew I’d be fired if I was caught, but when I stepped into her embrace and we straightened into the first position, with her holding me close against her body, I also knew it was all going to be well worth the risk.


Richard M. Johnson has two left feet, but is always willing to try.


Madam Z said...

In my opinion, the tango is the most sensuous of all the ballroom dances. Thank you for so gracefully reminding me of that fact.

Maxine Dangerous said...

Beautiful! :)