In the Middle of the Night

by Mike Whitney

The kiss is long, excitement builds, her surrender incremental, the seduction approaches a shattering peak... and you awake to find yourself tonguing a wet spot on your pillow. Back to sleep, and you are flying without wings, sharing face time with old heroes and role models both alive and deceased. Your father is totally approving and affectionate, your mother encouraging of your boyish dreams, your first love affairs forgiving. You are free as a bird, roving from town to town, spreading love and joy to all whose paths you cross. Your old dog is at your side, your skill with multiple instruments amazing, your writing effortless and rewarding; ageless and fit, you awake to real life, refreshed and alert, ready for the new day, because in your dreams, you are forever young, untouched and immortal. Such fantasies will carry you through the day until you live again in the middle of the night.


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