by Mindy Munro

My ex-husband was married again recently in a sunset ceremony on a rooftop overlooking the Bay Bridge. He had invited the three of us - our son, our daughter, and myself - and we had accepted because the support of family is as important to us as it is to him. His entire life, he had never had it from his mother. In fact, up until a week before her death she was still calling me - which was something I endured with not so much patience, but pity - expressing with absolute certainty that the two of us would eventually get back together even though we'd already been divorced for several years and he was happily living with someone else. As the sun went down over the city my ex-husband and his new spouse kissed and then cut the cake, a white three-tiered buttercream with two tiny plastic people, both in tuxedos, proudly perched on top. I was glad his mother wasn't there.


Mindy Munro has been published by Ruined Music. She blogs here, quite sporadically.