Easy Come, Easy Go

by Michelle Davis

“It ain’t easy being me,” she yells indignantly at the accusing eyes as they recognize then quickly and completely dismiss her. She stands there... on her concrete pedestal at the corner of Grand and Capital... waiting for the next sucker to come along... he always does... and she will “persuade” him to help a sister out. She works her magic on all those white knights in training who have accidentally or, at the very most, reluctantly watched Pretty Woman, passing by; ”It ain’t easy being me,” she cries to them, and like flame to moths, she sucked them into her hell. One by one, her damsel in distress routine charms them into faux rescue attempts and one by one they fall victim to the dragon’s greatest weapon. She always leaves them just as she finds them... a little lighter in the pocket maybe, but otherwise unharmed. She smiles at the ease with which she can seduce their chivalry and answer their carnal desires all at the same time; ”It ain’t easy being me” she sings to the next knight as he slows down to whisk her away to the Castle that rents by the hour.


Michelle Davis lives and works in Arkansas where she aspires to become one of the greats, but contents herself with the daily roles of mom, wife and teacher.