A Soliloquy

by Joseph Grant

You should see my love, of midnight hair and dusky eye skies, of poems unwritten and songs yet unsung, no one to love her more than I. You should see my light, she who is my dawn, my smiling Juliet, my endless sunshine, my evening sunset; my day begins, exists and ends with her radiance, for there is no other love so bright. There upon my dark and wicked heart, had lain a stormy sea, she cast her love across the waters of youthful rage and calmed and rescued me. Now therein lies the rub, as she changed me like the tide smooths the sand, she took me to another shore altogether and made me a stronger man. I love her, for she is the prettiest of flowers; my heart grows strong in the kisses of May that lead to my true love’s bower. You should see my love, no one to love her more than I.


Joseph Grant wishes his lovely wife Rebecca, born today on the sixth of February a very happy 6S birthday. ¡Los CumpleaƱos felices a ti!