Gymnastics After School

by Leigh Robshaw

I'm wearing my tight royal blue sports pants and a tiny pink singlet. My breasts have only just begun to develop and I don't have any hair down there yet. When I asked for an ice cream he made me bend over so he could playfully spank me first – I let him 'cause I really wanted that ice cream. Now he's making me practice handstands with my hands on his shoulders while he's lying on his back on the gym mat (to help with my balance) and I keep falling on top of him and onto that warm hard bulge. He says I need extra help with my gymnastics routine so I'm ready to perform it at the school fete. A priest should know better.


Leigh Robshaw is an Australian writer who hallucinates regularly. She imagines she has hair down to her bum and is a highly acclaimed author. She is not on drugs.