Break On Through

by Rod Drake

Something went wrong, terribly wrong, probably caused by that nuclear particle accelerator in Switzerland. I don’t know exactly what happened since TV and the Internet are spotty at best in trying to explain it, but the live feeds are pretty interesting. In a nutshell, space-time sort of burst at the seams, and different time streams leaked into 2009, so the past and present became like an airport when all the flights are canceled and everyone from everywhere is jammed together in a too-small terminal. Now there are Roman legions marching on downtown Paris, Phoenician trading ships running into yachts in the Mediterranean, Vikings raiding the coast of Holland, Japanese zeroes strafing Beijing commuter trains and Neanderthals grabbing women for mates at Bryn Mawr. Everything is a mess; mayhem and madness, to say nothing of one bizarre confrontation after another, are exploding across this overcrowded globe with the various governments helpless to bring any kind of order or peace, but I don’t really care. I would just be happy if I could just get out for some groceries, but that damned pterodactyl keeps circling the house, and my shotgun is empty.


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