6 Ways I Want to Die

by Matthew Salesses

Me wife lectures me on how we are in the land of bad bordering on unredeemable, and I want bees to build a hive in my brain and ejaculate honey into my memories and then I want a bear to break inside and commence devouring. I want to bore out my mysterious belly-button and watch my organs spill out like a hyena and maybe devour my appendix or liver and then wait to pass out. I want a whale to devour me and I want to live inside its belly for a year and then when it beaches I want to crawl out and crow out life so that everyone casts eyes on me and maybe begins clapping and then I want to crawl back inside. I want my body parts to be sliced off by falling elevators and I want to lie in bed without arms or legs until the novelty is dead and then I want to die too. I want to tweezer a small nuclear bomb into my cornea and I want the mushroom clouds to carouse from my nostrils. But as my wife continues loudly really I want her to be very quiet and check me and find I've died before she could kill me.


Matthew Salesses is the author of the chapbook We Will Take What We Can Get (Publishing Genius Press, Spring 2009), and his fiction is forthcoming in Glimmer Train, Pleiades, and Lamination Colony. (Click here to make a donation to Matthew, half of which will support 6S.)