by Princess LadyBug

Our conversation abruptly stopped and I looked up to find him staring off into nothing with a faraway look in his eyes. My first thought was to wonder where in the universe he was; then I realized I didn't really care. It also occurred to me that he was mentally absent from our life together more than he was present. I let out a deep breath (that I felt like I'd been holding since we'd met twelve years ago) and left the kitchen. In less than thirty minutes, I'd packed everything I wanted to take with me from this life, grabbed my laptop, and headed towards the door. I only stopped long enough to erase my number from his cell phone before I exited this life and entered another.


Princess LadyBug, who blogs here, works for a non-profit by day, but dreams of being a writer by night. Her favorite authors are Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, and Stephenie Meyer, but her favorite writers are her friends, Cleggy and Cormac, because they inspire her to improve.