Novel on a Napkin

by Roland Goity

I can write a story that will fit snugly within the boundaries of your cocktail napkin there. One that so eloquently captures the underlying need to embrace our fellow man it will turn the barroom brawlers here into peaceniks. One that so deftly touches even the hardest of hearts, it will turn the pickup artists into dreamy romantics. One that so inspires, delights, and regales, even the drowning-in-their-drink drunks will be laughing with joy. Would you like to me to write such a story? Okay, then, raise your glass and slide me the napkin and let’s see who here’s got a pen.


Roland Goity lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. His stories appear in a number of print and Web publications. He is Fiction Editor of the online journal LITnIMAGE.