A Job Well Done

by L.A. Craig

One holds a large plastic pipe while the other unloads a wheelbarrow from the truck; the brush is left to one side. Plastic pipe man leans his hollow tube against the wall and starts a pneumatic drill, jiggering at the concrete until it cracks. Striped cones cordon the operation. Wheelbarrow guy loads his vehicle with the broken concrete, pushes it up the plank ramp and dumps it into the back of the truck; repeating the manoeuvre several times as he transports the mini mountains of earth from beneath the concrete. Plastic pipe man abandons his drill and sinks his hollow tube into the freshly dug hole; both peer down. Thirty seconds later it’s pulled out again and tossed on to the back of the truck in a somewhat pissed off fashion, wheelbarrow guy gives the area a quick sweep, the cones are packed tighter together and they’re off; that was three weeks ago, there’s been no sign of activity since.


L.A. Craig lives in Newcastle in the U.K.