The Current Arrangement

by Andrew Roe

Edward’s mother never cared for Charlene much, and so when she, Edward’s mother, thought her son’s single mother of two girlfriend (the kids lived elsewhere, in a different state) stole her electric toothbrush, well, that was it. She kicked Charlene out of the house. Because Charlene didn’t have any place to go, she started living in Edward’s truck, which was parked in the next door neighbor’s driveway, the house empty and vacated and foreclosed for some time now. When Edward’s mother was out running errands or playing bridge, Edward snuck Charlene into the house for showers, etc. And at night he smuggled her inside as well, thinking in the dark after she had fallen asleep how he was forty-one, and Charlene thirty-eight, and one of them had kids, was a parent, and somehow it had come to this. He knew that one day they’d get caught and then they’d have to figure something else out, the current arrangement was obviously flawed and wouldn’t last forever.


Andrew Roe lives in Southern California. His fiction has appeared in One Story, Tin House, Glimmer Train, and other places. Find out more (a little) here.


Autumn Heartsong said...

Oh my...I don't know whether to laugh or cry or both. Nicely done!

Madam Z said...

I think Edward was "obviously flawed," or he'd move out and get his own place! Andrew's writing is quite flawless, however.

Joe said...

Great six, Andrew. Great descriptive narrative and well-written. I also have to admire a writer who placed in the reviews listed. They've rejected mine! Look forward to your next six.

paul d brazill said...

Nice to see someone as asertive as me! Great!

margery said...

I want to read the rest of this!