Believe It or Don't

by Madam Z

Many former agnostics and atheists "get religion" when they see their mortality getting closer. Even my hell-raising old Grandpa Nels started going to church when he turned 90. I, on the other hand, only 19 years old and still imbued with the youthful feeling of invulnerability, decided that I wanted to get rid of religion, but to play it safe, I thought I’d better read the Bible all the way through, to see if there was anything in there to deter me. By the time I got through Deuteronomy, my mind was made up - the bible was just a collection of fable, myth and folk tales. So I shook off the cloak of superstition and donned the mantle of rationality. I am a reasonably good, kind and moral person because I want to be, not because I fear post-mortem retribution if I am not; but of course I’m still a long way from 90...


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