Wednesday Afternoon

by Sian Evans

The kids were playing in the garden that afternoon, screaming with glee as they chased each other. She stood at the window watching them, the knife in her hand, her palm red with the juice from the apple peel. She sliced the apple, divided it onto two plates and placed them on the kitchen table just as the phone rang. Mrs Peters, it’s Joan from the home, I’m so sorry, your mother died an hour ago. The sun crawled behind the willow tree and the laughter continued from the garden. The apple slices browned.


Sian Evans is currently undertaking a BA HONS degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at The University of Salford.


Anonymous said...

I feel like I've been punched in the stomach. Great writing.

cw2smom said...

Outstanding! OMG! I so remember this feeling when my own mother died. I remember going in to a restaurant with my family, just after we pulled the plug. My senses were ultra aware at the cheerfulness of the waitress, the normalcy of the lives going on around me and I just wanted to stand up and scream.."What is wrong with you people? My mother just died!" Life can change in an instant! It's so tough. Thanks for sharing that beautiful story in 6S. Great job! Lisa

Kevin Michaels said...

Well done. I absolutely love the contrast of the sun crawling behind the willow tree while the laughter continued....excellent detail. Excellent six-