by Tim Jones-Yelvington

Britney the master skipper raps her stone against the rock and says, "Whoever skips a dozen stones fastest gets the purple thermos." Janet fingers her zipper, knowing she is doomed and thinking purple would've looked so pretty with her yellow lunch pail. Britney's yellow pigtails bob in time with the buoys as she turns her back and traces a line in the sand. "Whoever crosses this line is out of bounds." Janet throws the purple thermos on the ground and crushes it with her boot. Later, the tide takes the purple thermos to meet the edge of the sky.


Tim Jones-Yelvington lives and writes in Chicago. His work has appeared in monkeybicycle and is forthcoming in Mud Luscious.


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margery said...

Very interesting. Surprisingly nuanced for such a short piece. Thanks.

The Writer's Spark said...

The effect is so physical. I love the repetitions here so much. The mood they create. And it's so like a painting.