Summer Breeze

by Laura Van Eeckhout

It hadn't been that hot for at least ten years. Even though the sun had gone down a couple of hours before, there was still a bunch of people on the beach. Boys and girls in bathing suits - dancing, laughing, kissing, as if it were the reason they were alive in the first place. You could tell from their tanned faces that the heat had found its way to every inch of their bodies, like a fire that couldn't be extinguished, even with buckets and buckets of water thrown over the flames. But only in the middle of the night - when a remarkably fresh breeze stole away a second or two from the airless summer - you could get an idea of how cold it was in her heart. For her, winter had never ended.


Laura Van Eeckhout is a Belgian student in Communications at the VUB (Brussels University). You may visit her personal blog here.