Six Sixes by Louise Yeiser

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Louise Yeiser returns to 6S, along with our now-famous Six Sixes series. (Excellent!) To view the magazine, just click the “Open Publication” tab above. You’ll be taken inside, where you can turn the pages by clicking the arrows to the left and right. To view a “full screen” version, once inside, just click the diagonal arrows above the document (located to the left of the little envelope). Enjoy!


Six Sentences are all you need. (Unless you need more. Or less.)


Anonymous said...

'shroud of sincerity and halo of happiness'... WOWZER!! what a great line.

You have some really great phrases and descriptions in all six of these. Loved 'em, Louise. Your writing is fresh, irreverant and touching.


Reynolds said...

Varied and crisp. A great collection.

Anonymous said...

Louise - you've created 6 more gems to add to your long list. I really enjoyed each and everyone of them. Your writing is witty, cheeky and wise with beautiful descriptions in between. Thanks for a delightful read.
Love the picture, also - great haircut!
Caroline Wells

margery said...

"72 Hours" is a new favorite.

Kevin Michaels said...

Great job Louise-
I was really drawn to both 72 Hours and Acapulco Afternoon - great strength in each (as well as a powerful last line in Acapulco...). All six are well-written, descriptive as hell, and fun reads.

Franklin said...

Bravo Louise!

Susan's Snippets said...

Very good writings, Louise. Keep up the good works.


Mike said...

"Heiress of Air" is sharp and potent - a rare exploration of an overlooked point of view. The whole collection is great.

Madam Z said...

Laurels, Louise! I especially enjoyed Acapulco Afternoon and Revolving Door, since I've been in both places.

Anonymous said...


lcyeiser said...

Everybody, thank you, thank you, thank you.