by Idriya Morland

It was everywhere and nowhere. It was consuming my life. I began to notice it in everything; every pattern discerned was merely a repetition of its beautiful simplicity, and every spoken word seemed to be a reflection of its elegant grace. It was a constant reminder, as pervasive as an incessantly nagging conscience. The number five became my primary obsession, and it was intent on making itself known to the world. After all, only someone with a heart as fathomless as mine would see a pentagon and weep in sudden appreciation for its true beauty.


Idriya Morland often wishes this were Five Sentences. Her evil twin is a silver dragon from the celestial sphere whose magical abilities and enigmatic quirks will allow him to conquer the world.


Idriya Morland said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Six Sentences and all it's done for me and my writing... but I do have a thing for the number five. ^_^


georgina said...

I am not a big fan of the number five. I do like 2 and 8. I liked your story though.