Not Playing

by Jane Banning

"So, you're supposed to be a writer," my associate lugubriously said, "come on, be intentionally unparsimonious with your prodigious vocabulary. Compose a gratuitous and veritable plethora of verbose verbiage. Show how obsequious, ostentatious, and obtuse you can be. Make us scuttle unceremoniously to the dictionary, furtively hiding our gormlessness. Besmirch us and bedraggle our intellectual acumen." "Nah," I said, "you go ahead."


Jane Banning sometimes plays with words.


Lisa Kessler said...

Ha! That was very clever... Fun!

Madam Z said...

This leaves me gormless!

Greta said...

Too funny. Loved it.

Ian said...

Yup. What they said.

Good six!

Michael J. Killips said...

Jane, this was so goodly done. You nicely writetificate, expatriating what so many of us find ourselfeses counterflicting with words. Congrats. mike.

Killerwit said...