long-term plan

by Adam Showalter

I'll write a book and publish it. I'll buy every copy of every edition of that book and fill a library with it. I'll burn that library down and write a poem about it. I'll call that poem "the most poignant thing I've ever written" and celebrate by instantly tearing it to confetti and showering myself with it. I'll enjoy a glass of champagne. I'll sit for a while and think, no one has ever had champagne that poignant.


Adam Showalter feels autistic sometimes.


Ani Smith said...

I love this. Why doesn't Adam Showalter have a blog?

Even the word verification agrees: OVEDUE

Killerwit said...

I almost never see a critical comment on any blog ANYWHERE! Due to that fact, and because this didn't 'rock my world', I'll say: This feels like it needs more than six sentences. Maybe six sentences six times.

Madam Z said...

Yeah! I did that too. It was a perfectly poignant postiche.

Ian said...

Sounds like a lot of hard work - think I'll just cut to the champagne. Cheers!

margery said...

I liked this very much. I read it over a couple of times. Thanks!