Learning to Be Happy

by Trevor Mcpherson

The three schizophrenic men were, to my juvenile eyes, nothing more or less than nicotine stained Muppets. Slouching, wrinkled, giggling, and talking to themselves as much as amongst themselves, they were more interesting than TV. Growing up in a small town, the need to amuse oneself was a necessity, and these three were my early role models. As per my unfortunately unbalanced mentors, all one required was a comfortable chair, coffee, cigarettes, and a rumpled sport coat. Lacking a mental illness I've had to rely on imagination. It has been considerably more difficult, but no less rewarding.


Trevor Mcpherson thinks Six Sentences is the perfect outlet for people with short attention spa- Hey look! An ice cream truck! Further ramblings are available here, and drastically abbreviated fiction is available via his 3S Stories Twitter account. (Oh, and check out his "so fresh you'll want to slap it" 6S Social Network page.)


Harry said...

Looks like you picked up on making others happy too. I got a grin from you anyway. Very cool 6!

Joe said...

Excellent six. Written with great wit and creativity.

quin browne said...

everyone needs role mod---

look, cashews!