Have Yourself a Merry Lil Christmas?

by Geri Birrueta

What happened to the most joyous time of the year? No more twinkling lights, no more houses decorated with Santa Claus on their roof tops, no more carolers singing from house to house, no more Christmases to come. A day, which was once so highly celebrated... has, in the last few decades, come to a spiritual end and a commercial beginning. An end that has been put here by so many narrow minded people that have no joy in their heart, only darkness. To think that at one point in time people cherished this day, had dinner with the ones they loved, gathered around the tree and shared special memories... that's now a day of the past. It's so sad to drive up and down the streets and only see one or two houses with lights and decorations - we are nothing but elaborately wrapped presents, empty inside.


Geri Birrueta won't give up the fight. She wishes everyone a healthy and happy holiday season.