The Golden Apple

by Ivy Reisner

The problem isn't that Adam and I ate the apple, it's that we're the only ones who did. We learned everything in a moment - how to cure disease, how to end wars, how to live in harmony with the earth, how to dance amongst the stars, and how to bring forth new life - you, our children. We don't die - we knew the hidden paths to the Tree of Life too - but we're changed now. We come to you, now and again, and you don't recognize us, calling us instead Prometheus, Aristotle, or Einstein, sometimes listening, sometimes not. That's the real curse, to have the answers, and not be able to convince you to take them - I'm sorry for that. I suppose that's the fate of any mother, experienced in a world that her children are still discovering, to watch them stumble and fall, needing to make their own mistakes, learn in their own slow, sometimes painful way, and to always, always love.


Ivy Reisner is from Brooklyn, New York. She blogs here and has a writing podcast.