Becoming a Snake

by Georgina Bruce

This man speaks with forked tongue. Becoming a snake, I slide around his body; skin slithering on skin and his mouth hissing into mine, his tongue flickering over mine. Some words are spoken with his hands and fingers, the sounds of vowels riding on our breath and the rasping of our bodies together. We are writing something, an old story, and we know the ending already. Tomorrow we will break open like the morning, cold and brave, smiling kindly. It is not love.


Georgina Bruce is the bearded lady.


Forde said...

A perfect six. The last line cements it.

Killerwit said...

Perfectly captures the essence of a one-night stand.

Ian said...

The last two lines - breathtaking. Gets a 'great' from me.

Glen Binger said...

Made me think of Snake from MetalGearSolid for reasons I'm not entirely too sure.

J said...

last line is great - i love the description and the alliteration of the letter S - 'skin slithering on skin' - love it!