I Always Knew I Was Special

by Sam Rosa

As I look back now, I always knew that there was something different about me. I never made it a truly public thing, but to anyone that would ask, I'd proudly reply, "I'm adopted," like a war hero showing off a medal of valor. In the back of my mind though, I always wondered what would make my parents decide to put me up for adoption. At first I thought it was abandonment, like they had cast me aside in favor of bigger and better things, and I felt the anger and the disappointment that comes with it. Now that I look back, I realize that they were doing something for me that I couldn't do for myself. They were giving me the chance to be a better man - it just took me twenty years to really learn to appreciate it.


Sam Rosa grew up in the blissfully strange neighborhoods of San Jose, California. Between living down the street from a home for the criminally insane, discovering his love for history with a renaissance sword troupe, and reconnecting with his biological parents, he's still looking for his niche in life. (And maybe a good corned beef sandwich.)