First Date

by Caren Coté

"You're not the only one who's wished their little brother didn't exist, y'know. I have three, so I'm not just blowing smoke—" (I barely keep myself from saying up your ass). "Sure, the grown-up part of your mind knows you can't make something happen just by wishing, but if you're like me there's still a kid in there who believes in all that stuff and is all too happy to shake the grown-up right out of you every once in a while." He thinks about it for a second or five, then pulls me tight against his chest. I feel understanding, and something else, coming off him like the body heat fogging-up his car windows. Being understood is sexy – who knew?


Caren Coté doesn't have any brothers, but she does believe being understood can be sexy. She's the author of I Could Be Your Neighbor, Your Lover.