by Gorey Laurie

Mark drove up here week before last and spent a few days with us. He's a big fan of geocaching which means you buy a hand-held electronic device that links up to satellites in outer space which report back to you topographical coordinates which point to a general area you've self-selected in which you go looking for something of which you are given only a loose and cryptic description, which may or may not be in allegedly plain sight. If you're intuitive and lucky you'll find it, and in most cases, apparently, it will contain things people hid there instead of putting in the trash. One of the things we found in what may be the world's most ravaged cemetery was a starving cat - but that wasn't what we were looking for. One good thing about geocaching is that you go to places you'd probably never go to otherwise, and that parched and desolate cemetery was certainly one of them. Now I keep thinking about that yowling cat whose tail was half bald.


Gorey Laurie is a semi-retired mail artist who sometimes writes sentences and stuff like that.