Attention Span

by Crorey Lawton

People are always teasing me about my short attention span, but you know what? They're just jealous, because I see connections where they don't, like the time that Allie's pants got torn and I started thinking about how I tore my shirt playing basketball just like my uncle who played at LSU before Shaq came along - did you know he finally graduated? And when I start talking about Shaq, nobody ever understands why. Free association, my mom calls it - it's just the way my brain works, bobbing and weaving around like a boxer, rope a dope, pope soap on a rope, float like a butterfly on the breeze. It's fun, but hard to shut off when you need to concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Is that a quarter under your desk?


Crorey Lawton's short attention span makes him love disaster response work - the adult ADHD dream job.