13 Years

by mgirl

As I rummage through these dusty boxes that have been hidden away I am reminded of what my kids were doing thirteen years ago. I open a book and see a scribbled sentence my daughter wrote: Nicole is awesome call her! I'm amazed at what one simple sentence written years ago can do to my heart today. Friends ask me if I'm a pack-rat, and I deny it but when it came to my kids I kept everything, neatly filed and boxed from kindergarten to grade seven. The one time I tried to sneak something into the garbage I was caught and questioned by my son; today that piece of art is sitting on my bedside table. It makes me sad to think about leaving this house, as I blow the dust off these boxes and re-box my memories to make them fit into a smaller place, but I know I will always have them all in my heart, the happy and the sad, to share forever.


mgirl, whose full catalog is here, loves to read and write, is from Canada, is forty something and is a new-ish Grandma. Both of her children have moved out and she spends most of her time now reading, writing and in the garden.