Life is Grand

by Rose Caiazzo

The world is motionless – enveloped in a sweet, dark stillness. I continue to climb, silently soothed by the unfolding dawn. The veiled valleys below welcome a gentle spill of soft pink light. My inner voice bursts forth in song, as my eyes dance on the surrounding mountaintops. Gripping the cold rock, I continue to silence the risk and focus my being. Honoring the journey and forever trusting the unknown.


Rose Caiazzo broke out of the tri-state box in 2007 and now resides in the wild west of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Working as a mountain bike guide, with a non-profit animal organization as a photographer and writer and part-time as a business consultant – life for her is good. So good, in fact, she cherishes her freedom to create her own schedule and makes sure her active pursuits in life stay #1. Check out Rose's blog.