It Was All Part of the Plan

by Sean Kennedy

When a random man fell from the sky and hit the pavement with an echoing thud, most people in the street started to panic. A young lady, who was unfortunate enough to be in close proximity to the splat, was decorated with a scarlet spray which ruined her white, silky shirt. Like most people, she started to scream. But I stood their calmly, amongst all the chaos, and laughed at the coincidence of the situation. It was the fact he landed in the same street I was on at the same time I was walking down it. The man falling from the sky hadn’t surprised me; it was all part of the plan.


Sean Kennedy is a maverick renegade.


Anonymous said...

Sean, this is really dark. You carried it off well.

Jenaette Cheezum

Anonymous said...

To create this darkness in six sentences is great. To leave the reader thinking and creating the rest of the story is even better. Nice work!
Caroline Wells