The Art of Flirtation

by Cassandra

Artistry lies in the little ambiguities. The gestures that mean nothing while seeming to mean so much. As your flirtation grows more noncommittal, artistry asymptotes. What you want to do is construct a structure as impressive as it is hollow, as gorgeous as their wildest dreams and as empty as you'll leave their heart. Think of birds' bones. Designed by Darwin (the cruelest of flirts; he's been toying with species for billions of years) to be hollow, they'll let you soar briefly but they're oh so poignantly fragile, so easy to shatter.


Cassandra is well acquainted with the trick of the Trojan Horse.


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quite lovely 6S.

Tim said...

Love the metaphor of birds' bones and the characterization of Darwin as "the cruelest of flirts."