The Afterparty

by Joseph Grant

The next time I die I will stay there if given the choice again; as there seems to be even more interesting people this time around, unfortunately. The last play I had been in had run its course but stupid me, ever the actor and ever the egotist, had heard about an interesting new part, much different than the last, so I took it. I had forgotten about how hard it was, getting to know your character again, memorizing your lines and hitting your mark each time on cue and then making it all look believable. From what I recall, the Afterparty had great fantastic smells depending on where you walked; it was either the delicious aroma of baking bread or chocolate chip cookies or fresh brewed coffee or the smell of fresh rain and the thing that threw me were the new colors, the new shapes and sights but more so, the new emotions available. But I thought I could really give this new part some dignity, humor and bite and make it mine, really mine but this was not always to be, as sometimes I was lambasted by the critics and trashed in reviews, some of them even from me. The Afterparty will be an ultimate celebration with singers, dancers and artists not bound by canvas or picture, poets not stopped by form or structure and the endless creation will be something to behold and make the entire Renaissance look like a finger-painting; so I'll see you there.


Joseph Grant, whose full catalog is here, is a 6S All-Star and the first featured author in our "Six Sixes" series.