That Takes the Cake

by Brad Powers

I wasn't there when they stole the Keebler truck. When James announced to me that they had stashed all the baked loot in my parents' camper, the one they had graciously allowed him to stay in after being banished from his own home (for some kind of delinquent behavior, I'm certain), I fumed quietly. When I learned the next day that they had run the emptied truck off the edge of Hanson Canyon, wiped clean of all prints by the seasoned thief, Brian, I declared them insane. That Sunday, the story appeared in the local paper, along with a cash reward for tips about who was involved, and I demanded they dispose of all cookies, crackers, chips, and snack cakes at once. If they were planning on using my parents' camper all along, they should have had the sense to invite me in the first place. That would have been a different story, and I might have even eaten some of the cookies.


Brad Powers daily engages in the pinnacle of creativity: writing instruction manuals. Usually using 6 steps or less. This leaves much to his imagination.