Six Sixes by Lisa Miller

an Online Magazine from Six Sentences

Lisa Miller, our talented tour guide, escorts us out west. To view the magazine, just click the blue “OPEN PUBLICATION” tab above. You’ll be taken inside, where you can turn the pages by clicking the arrows to the left and right. To view a “full screen” version, once inside, just click the diagonal arrows above the document (located to the left of the little envelope). Enjoy!


Six Sentences are all you need. (Unless you need more. Or less.)


Kevin Michaels said...

A great Six Sixes! There is such a smooth poetry to each story - all very well written and vivid in subtle emotions (reminds me of Sam Shepherd - there's power in the things that are said and the things that are not said). Excellent writing by one of 6S's best writers!

Joe said...

A wonderful collection of stories about a world somehwat alien to me, having been a city boy but reading them made me feel as though I'd never left the farm, strangely enough. The writer possesses a true gift to make the reader see and feel everything as if this world were their own. Magnificent Ms. Miller!

smythe said...

Great sense of place.

stephanie said...

Fantastic sixes, Lisa. A very moving landscape in this collection. I second Smythe, a wonderful sense of place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comments and for reading it!


Madam Z said...

As I was reading these strong, vivid slices of life on the farm, I thought to myself, This reminds me of North Dakota, where my father's family have lived and farmed since 1913. Lo and behold...in Chapter 6 I find that it does take place in ND! And I have seen more than one of those sudden summer storms during various visits to that starkly beautiful state. And I have relatives in Williston! Thanks for a lovely story.

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