The Military Man

by Kate Kaminski

Beautiful Sonia, with the eyes of a startled cat and the legs of a goddess, I miss you. Why can't we all just go home, make love, drink good Russian vodka, and stop getting into shoving matches with imbeciles? Worthless preeners... one glance at those feather-topped helmets tells it all. What I wouldn’t do for a hot bowl of borscht and a frozen mug of Petersburg's finest. Ah, Sonia, of the marbled thighs and slender ankles, take me away, my darling... and, God, if you're listening? Take Lieutenant Stosvinskovich – he's lived long enough and he's keeping me from my Sonia.


Kate Kaminski is an underground (a.k.a. "outsider") writer & filmmaker whose motto is "Go ahead, swim upstream. It's better exercise."