Little Things

by David G.B. Brown

All the little things: the traffic jams, paper cuts, stubbing your toe, oversleeping, being thirsty, ugly grey days, a baby’s smile, the first day of spring, snow on Christmas, her laugh – would you really skip any of it? All the little bad things remind you of how good things can be, how fleeting those moments are and how we should cherish every one, because we understand good because there is bad, light because there’s dark. Next time you get stuck in traffic or you cut your finger on a piece of paper, try to smile – cause you know you’re gonna get out of the jam and you know your finger is gonna heal, and sometimes the freeways really are free, and when was the last time you actually got a paper-cut anyway? And remember: babies grow up, spring turns into summer, sometimes you have Christmas in southern California, and sometimes you’re gonna make her cry. We don’t get infinite chances and infinite moments, so do the right thing and make sure you don’t live your life with any regrets. Don’t hold back, don’t waste time, pay attention, figure out what’s really important, be yourself, love someone, hell love everyone, smile more, be optimistic.


David G.B. Brown is an actor, writer and musician living in Michigan.