by Jessica Patient

First the petrol pumps ran dry. The media tracked down the last man with a running car. For months; websites, magazines, cable channel chat-shows and newspaper columns were dedicated to the last droplets of oil in the car’s engine. Under the scrutiny of the world he broke speeding limits along abandoned motorways, dodged growing potholes and cruised around derelict car parks until he found a space in the disabled zone – no one else would need it. Yesterday the dial hit zero on a road trip to the seaside. The pumping of the oceans has now begun.


Jessica Patient is currently studying for a MA in Professional Writing. She blogs here and lives in Bedfordshire, England.


Kieran said...

A great piece of topical reference.

What if the pumps did run dry?

Food for thought...

Madam Z said...

A sobering six, Jessica.

And Kieran, if the pumps do run dry, the only food we'll have will be in our thoughts!

Kieran said...


Kerry said...

Thought provoking and yes, very topical indeed. Love the slightly apocolyptic feel very Coupland-ish! Great Six