Suicide Tasks

by George

1) Load iTunes with sailing / summer / beach music. 2) Rent convertible. 3) Drive south on I-95 to Key West. 4) Drink massive quantities of tequila/rum, or both. 5) At sunset, swim out to chest high water, place gun in mouth, lean back and pull trigger. 6) Let sharks feed off remains and finally become one with the ocean.


George is writing to relieve the pressure in her head, because the Advil isn’t working, and a gun is out of the question.


Joe said...

A great 'highway to the end of the night' type of six. Endless, endful, ethereal, tragical, magical, nihilistic prose. Destined to become one of the great sixes. I look forward to more of your stories. You've got a lot to offer. George, you rock!

jem said...

I like this. I think lists are under-used in creative writing. Well done.

lcyeiser said...

Yeah, that oughta do it.

Madam Z said...

Seriously, this sounds like an idyllic way to go. I'm keeping a copy for when I'm ready.

Anonymous said...

Great list!Great story! :)