by Sandy Daussin

5 a.m. leaves you lost and inside a broken dream of wanting that will never be satisfied. The only thought that drags you from your bed finally at 6:30 a.m. is the idea that soon you will be flushing the night breath from your mouth with some really hot, really good Starbucks coffee. Thank God they started selling that stuff at the grocery. You're so tired you could sleep for a month and still not be done with it. If only you could smash all of the lives you yearn for into one, singular occurrence. As it stands, its like living with a ghost of who you should be.


Sandy Daussin lives and sleeps in North Carolina with her husband and two daugthers. One day, when she isn't so tired, she'll write a blog and be able to post a link to it. Right now, she'll have to be satisfied with 6 sentences.