A Questionable Inheritance

by Robert Lee Frazier

After our Step-Mother's funeral, my two sisters and I were sitting together in her lawyer's office when the truth was made clear. Instead of money, Aunt Trudy (that was the name she required us to call her) had left us a single handwritten letter. My sisters were in tears, she had stated firmly that both of them were nothing more than shallow, simple-minded whores... this left them shocked to say the least. However, I kind of thought mine was a bit less caustic, probably owing to the fact that, unlike my sisters, I would stay at home on Friday nights and play cards, watch TV and sometimes wash Aunt Trudy's hair. Mine read simply, John, you're a nice boy who really knows how to wash hair; have you considered going into the hair salon business with your gay cousin Ricky, you fags should stick together? Even though my sisters tried to convince me Aunt Trudy's final communication was "pure-evil," I feel fine... after all she did think I was good enough to someday run my own business!


Robert Lee Frazier is a Cartographer by trade. He enjoys playing tennis, watching science fiction movies and collecting books. He lives in Maryland with his wife, four children, two in-laws and a lazy pug. This is his first published work.