The Principal Principle

by Tamara Tee

The high school principal called. He had only to identify himself when I began to wither. I knew he wasn't going to say that my son had won a scholarly prize or hurt himself in a brilliant show of sportsmanship. He wasn't unkind though, his tone slightly sympathetic, as it should've been, since suspending my son was really punishing me. Dragging a six foot three inch yeti around town to apologize for his social atrocities, and trying to occupy him constructively for two days was truly grueling. Kind of makes me want to punk the principal.


Tamara Tee, author of The Proud Step-Dad, is a freelance writer and poet. She lives in a New England harbor town while raising two lively children, an indifferent cat, and a rather dopey pug named Pie. You can learn a bit more about her here.