A Night at the Opera

by Crorey Lawton

The tenor's voice rose in an indelible crescendo, for a moment overpowering the voice of the alto in counterpoint. The response of the alto: to increase volume, until the two matched volume and pitch. And while the alto's line detailed her loss and the exquisite pain that resulted, the tenor, in a new-found burst of vocal energy, declared innocence and speaks to an equal heartbreak. The two lines meet, interwoven melodies at full voice, each telling the tale of woe, deception, pain and loss. Impossibly, the duet increases in volume. Then from the front of the stage, a bass voice booms, causing both tenor and alto to fall silent immediately: "Don't make me stop this car!"


Crorey Lawton, whose full catalog is here, builds levees and digs mounds. You can read a journal of his project in Guatemala here.