My New Cage

by Nathan Tyree

It isn't really a cubicle, but more of a cubette. This is half of a cubicle with a "fully integrated high efficiency work station" built into its flimsy space. I am forced to sit staring into the corner like a child that has been unruly in class. My eyes burn from the fluorescent light and the weak coffee. I feel dehumanized. Perhaps I should grow whiskers like a rat.


Nathan Tyree, whose full catalog is here, has recently been nominated for the StorySouth Million Writers Award for his story "Notes Toward a Unified Philosophy," which appeared in Poor Mojo's Alamac(k).


J.C. Montgomery said...

Oh good lord, I had nearly forgotten what it was like. Excellent depiction of the reality for many.

The Beauty Queen From Mars said...

I share your pain, I hope that you find an escape from your cage one day.

Anonymous said...

I felt claustrophobic reading this! Put up 2 mirrors on each side of the corners...it may help...and lots of pictures (if you're allowed)

Alone on the Isle said...

I unfortunately know this feeling well. You captured the feeling of doom perfectly.

Madam Z said...

Yes! "Grow whiskers like a rat." Maybe then the boss will put a wheel in your cage, so you can get some exercise. Then you can crawl into his big, well-appointed office and chew on his ankle. I did that once. Then they upgraded my cubicle to a padded cell, where I remain today.

Anonymous said...

Great story which truly describes the emotions of most young IT professionals today!