First Crush

by Connor de Bruler

I once knew a boy in my first grade class who, unlike most people at that age, was completely content with his sexuality. It wouldn't have been such a big deal had he not had a crush on me: a naive imaginative little boy completely oblivious to such concerns. I quickly made it clear to him that I wasn't gay and did not like him very much, but it didn't stop the tidal wave of late night phone calls, crazed love poems and his constant attempts to get close to me. Eventually things grew out of hand after a surprisingly non-traumatic fondling incident, where the teacher had him removed from the class. Like most kids seem to do so well, I forgot about it. Only now, in high school, do I see him from time to time in the crowded hallways, and wonder if he still knows who I am.


Connor de Bruler grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and has lived in Indianapolis and Nuremburg, Germany. His work has been published by Bending Spoons Literary Magazine and Fictional Publications.