Wittgenstein Was a Hack

by Erin Pineda

Wittgenstein argued that there is nothing beyond words - that words do not simply create reality; they are reality. I think of him like a brother. Those were my words. But that was before the night we got caught in the rain, and the bartender winked at you from across the table. Before the morning I woke up, hungover and tangled in your sheets. I think of him like a brother - I can hear my voice saying it, months ago now, but not even Wittgenstein can make it sound true.


Erin Pineda likes philosophy a lot, though she admits much of it contradicts her experience of the way things are. Erin is the author of How I Remember It.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Beautiful piece. I read the narrator as a man, which made it doubly poignant. Great 6

Madam Z said...

One more reason to patronize the "Hermit's Bar" mentioned in Sarah's piece. No words, no reality, problem solved.

Joe said...

Wow, this was deep and nicely composed. Excellent story on many levels.

Darcy said...

I really enjoyed this, and like leatherdyke, I initially read the narrator as male...lovely it works either way.