What She Couldn't Say

by Christy Peterson

Stop it. Just stop it, she wanted to say. Stop having such low self worth. Pleeeease. You're killing me here. And then she managed to say everything but that.


Christy Peterson is a computer programmer and a mother of two precocious daughters. She enjoys writing as a hobby. 6S provides the perfect outlet for the amount of free time she has each day.


Catherine said...

And sadly, it was me on more ocassion's than I care to admit. Very nice - short & sweet.

Madam Z said...

Oh dear! Been there, done that. Keep trying, Christy. You can say it! Pleeeease!

Susan said...

Christy - I didn't know that you knew Kathy, my co-worker, also!! How true, how true!!

makes me blue.

Anonymous said...

People> What are you going to do?

Jeanette Cheezum