We Three

by Mrs. White

My linguistics professor once called me "a formidable combination of Dorothy Parker's wit and Marilyn Monroe's charms," but even at nineteen I wasn't the sort of girl to be held helpless by a flattering fiction. Certainly, that we three girls each know our separate ways around a martini is a fact no one would bother to contest, but from where I stand that's pretty much the alpha and omega of our commonalities. My 97 pounds of "charm" are hardly "Marilynesque," and although I have more than a little respect for her I contend that there's at least one point where Dorothy Parker got it all wrong. "Guys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses" - bullshit. It's been my general experience that most guys'll make passes at most anything. Unfortunately, it's also been my general experience that although the false flattery of scumbags may be easy to spot, two or three martinis make it all the easier to overlook - which, come to think of it, is a second trait we three share.


Mrs. White, author of The Note, is sometimes naughty, sometimes nice. She blogs here.


reynolds said...

Love this!

Madam Z said...

Be glad he didn't call you a combination of Marilyn Monroe's wit and Dorothy Parker's charms. That might have taken a fourth martini for you and the girls to overlook his "false flattery."