by Belinda Furby

How do you staunch the flow of regret in your life - those things you wish you wouldn’t have done or would have done... or said or didn’t say? Do you press down hard, hoping it will clot before there is a bloody mess? Or do you take more drastic measures – tie a tourniquet around the offending memory and twist it tightly, painfully, until the opened vein is clamped off, but a piece of you left numb and useless. Or maybe you follow old folk medicine and use cobwebs to stop the bleeding - usually there are plenty of those hanging about in the corners of our minds. No – I say let it flow, hot and sticky, down your body, seeping into your heart, until you can really see the sorrow of it all; let it settle, pool... thicken. Then open your hands and lift them up, still damp with your sadness, to the Great Physician, the Remover of all regrets, and watch as He washes you clean.


Belinda Furby, whose full catalog is here, is amazed at the way regrets can sometimes turn into blessings. You can read more at her blog, Upside Down Bee.