Old News

by Nathan Logan

A twelve piece glam metal band in Muncie, Indiana is trying to recruit me to play lead guitar. I don’t understand why they are doing this, because I do not, nor have I ever played lead guitar. If this were a game of telephone, all twelve of them would be losers. I could imagine it started something like, “Nate really enjoys playing his ukulele and accordion; don’t ask him if he has a favorite though, that’d be like deciding between a fine vintage wine and sirloin steak.” How does something like that get twisted into playing lead guitar? I don’t know, but this is old news; you probably want to hear if I chose the wine or the steak.


Nathan Logan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana (zooooom!). He is an MFA candidate at Minnesota State University, Moorhead. Some of his work has appeared in/is forthcoming from Literary Tonic, No Posit, North Central Review, Red Weather, and The Subterranean Quarterly.

1 comment:

Marie Mosley said...

Well of course they want you. A glam metal band without some ukulele shredding may be good, but can never be great.